Multi-Brand Workshop
Shivachay Automobiles is a fully embedded an digital, modular system that combines the key workshop process into one simple, intuitive solution, using the latest technologies.

Starting with quickest online booking system with full integration menu pricing for more than 15000 maintenance & repair operations.

Automation facility a seamless customer journey, enhanced transparency, workshop loading & improve customer communication. Tablets based interactive check in aids the identification of fully coated scheduled & additionally authorized work with add transparency for customer.

The integration of an automated, paperless quality check with full traceability help to reduce repeat repair, identify training & enhance fix right first time.
General Service
Is a series of maintenance procedures carried out at a set time interval or after the vehicle has traveled a certain distance. The service interval is specified by the vehicle.
Service Schedule:-To maintain the warranty & good health of the vehicle it is essential to maintain the service schedule as define by the manufacturer. During period maintenance service, vital parts & lubs. are inspected & if necessary, replaced, to prevent the vehicle brake down. Their are several check points inspection & replacement due after a specific kms/time to drive the car in trouble free condition & to reduce the maintenance & ownership cost. The benefits of the Periodic Maintenance Service

A. Early Problem detection & repair
B. Driving Comfort, safety & peace of mind.
C. Longer vehicle service Life.
Service Package.
Running Repair:- Brakes, Suspension, Wheels, Clutch, transmission & Engine.
Wheel Care
We are specialized in the wheel care services. Trained & Certified technician will keep the care of your vehicle. It’s given us the edge in this highly competitive field is not just our know-how but also the quality of service we offer timely, competent & top notches that how our customers describe us.

We value not only your time but also your safety, we know that when you bring us your vehicle you are entrusting us with a major responsibility. so every tire concern in our center is handled & checked minutely & rolls out with the safe knowledge that it has got the best service possible.
Wheel alignment computerized
Wheel balancing
Tire Rotation
Tire changing
Tire bid sealing
Body Shop
We serve specialized body work services. We offer paint work repair for scratches, scuffs & dents. We do repair the bodies of vehicle damaged by collisions.
Dry Denting:-Our Body experts remove the dents without damaging the paint (If applicable)
Paint less Dent Repair:-We adapt the PDR process for repairing the hail damage, door dings, minor crease, large dent. This method is utilized to prepare a damage panel for repainting by minimizing the use of body filler.
We deliver the vehicle with in the same day with 2 pieces of panels painting.
We deliver the vehicle with in the2 working days with more than 2 pieces of panels painting.

Climate Control
We offer the best in vehicle heating & a/c repair & service. We have met its match with our comprehensive heating & A/C services by certified a/c technician’s. Our expert services make your vehicle heating & cooling a thing of the past.
A/C system service & recharging
A/C lines& hose check & repair
A/C electric trouble shooting & service
Our expert services make your vehicle heating & cooling problems a things of the past.
Car Cleaning
Is the act of performing of thorough cleaning, restoration & finishing of vehicle, to produce a quality cleanliness & polishing. We are specialize in hand car wash & detailing service for both the interior & exterior of the vehicle. Environmental pollution, corrosion & the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage the car finish. Rust & metallic particles

Interior Cleaning:-Upholstery cleaning, seat carpet floor mats, roof lining vacuuming.

Exterior Cleaning

Rubbing & Polishing

Anti Rust Coating